Starving to Successful | The Fine Artists Guide to Getting Into Galleries and Selling More Art J. Jason Horejs

ISBN: 9780981986425

Published: August 21st 2009


203 pages


Starving to Successful | The Fine Artists Guide to Getting Into Galleries and Selling More Art  by  J. Jason Horejs

Starving to Successful | The Fine Artists Guide to Getting Into Galleries and Selling More Art by J. Jason Horejs
August 21st 2009 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 203 pages | ISBN: 9780981986425 | 6.73 Mb

It is one of a kind book from a Gallery Owners perspective. I enjoyed reading it and will like to reread it again from time to time especially when I am ready to use galleries to represent me.The reason I am giving three instead of five stars is because the writer/gallery owner Jason Horejs did not present the solution to a problem he stated when it comes to submitting the artwork for the artists.

I am an artist and if I have taken the time to do the research to find a gallery that is a good fit for me, shipped out my portfolio to be tossed aside or be sent back without even been looked at is just unforgivable. Otherwise, this book is well written and easy to read.In this book which will soon be dated IMHO, he still maintains the gallery having the power to accept or reject the artists they deem worthy and more often than not the gallery owners dont even bother to go through the portfolios submitted by the artists who may very well can be a good fit for the gallery.

That just sounds wrong as to me it is part of their job to be doing their diligent homework and research in seeking out qualified artists instead of cowering to face to face confrontation. However, I am not a gallery owner so I am not going to make that judgement call.What I am observing is that with the changing trend at this time, it will soon be the artists who will be doing the picking and choosing of the galleries they would like to represent them instead of the other way around.

Everyday more and more B&M Galleries are shutting down than opening up. With the booming internet sales, artists are thriving and if they are talented enough and have learnt the proper marketing skills (through research and reading books) they have a pretty far reach (sometimes even global) when it comes to finding proper collectors for their art. It will need more than the ego stroking validation that would lure them to have their work sold in a gallery.

Again, this book is written from a gallery owners perspective not the artist so of course there is a difference of opinion.Lastly, I am also noticing that most galleries are expecting the artists to pick up the shipping cost of the artwork they are shipping to the gallery and then then gallery shipping it back to them after a few weeks if the artwork does not sell. That is huge and something to be taken notice of.I am grateful to Jason Horejs to have written this book because the romance of having my work represented in a gallery setting has now cease to exist -- at least for the time being.

I can market my work better than any gallery that has represented me to date, and as far as the prestige is concerned -- it is far more exciting to have the patrons visit me face to face and buy directly from me.

Yes, at first it is a lot of work, but then in time the relationships develops and that alone does the marketing for the artist.BOTTOM-LINE: If you are an artist seeking a gallery to represent you and that is your goal in life, this is the best book for you. It will tell you exactly how to go about seeking the gallery representation and how to handle yourself in front of the gallery owner. If you are good in self-promotion and have an outgoing personality, this may not be the book for you.

If you are an awesome artist who has full faith in yourself and your ability to succeed, you can find patrons with or without any gallery representation.

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